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We offer one product, two ways. For first timers you can purchase a single pack of our product for roughly $2 per can. If you like the product and drink it regularly you can subscribe and save 10% on each order.



$50.00/ONE TIME

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MatéBros is the cleanest and simplest energy drink currently on the market! The product was created by Olympic and world-class athletes in search of a natural energy alternative and has since been providing people with energy for a healthy and active lifestyle. Brewed with traditional South American tea leaves, MatéBros Energy Brew is non-carbonated and all-natural. Our blend has only 5 ingredients, and is easy on the stomach while providing healthy energy to increase focus and physical endurance – without the side effects and crash found in most energy drinks. MatéBros is best used before or during when you work, study, train, adventure, or hangout with friends!