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I have been an athlete basically my whole life and I have struggled with finding a healthy source of energy. I have tried everything from coffee to energy drinks like Red Bull. I hated the jitters and crash that came from drinks like those. MateBros is the first source of energy I have found that has a short natural ingredient list, gives me the energy without the crash, and I actually like the taste lol who doesn’t love lemon tea? I like to drink it before training, competition, or even just as a morning beverage!
— Kacy Catanzaro (American Ninja Warrior)


After my first can of MatéBros, I was hooked. It tastes amazing and gives me the energy I need to push through! I have been a mate drinker for a long time, MatéBros takes what I love and made it even better. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great tasting drink that delivers what it promises.
— Verified Amazon Customer Tony


I was very skeptical about this drink. I’ve recently been diagnosed with an auto immune disease which caused a major lifestyle change. With a full time job, working out and family, I struggle to find a great energy supplement. MateBros definitely helps with the 3pm energy dips and I love the taste! It’s not carbonated and there’s no crash! This is exactly what I needed with my new healthy lifestyle! Thanks MateBros!
— Verified Amazon Review LT

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