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MatéBros uses five all natural ingredients to delivery you Simply Energy. It's also simply amazing how our drink can taste so familiar and refreshing at the same time! 

Yerba Mate is a South American tea that is known for its nutritional value + natural caffeine, and is our "secret sauce" in keeping you energized all day long.

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Familiar Half-Lemon Taste

After going back and forth with our ingredient supplier over a dozen times we finally found a great balance of half-tea half-lemon! Not too sweet, not too strong, we think you'll enjoy the taste of recipe. 

No Artificial Sweeteners   

Unlike our neighbors on the shelf we pride ourselves on having a ZERO tolerance for artificial sweeteners & sugars. If you taste something sweet you can thank the natural sweetener, stevia. 

99mg Of Natural Caffeine 

Using the Yerba Mate tea leaf is our secret weapon. The powerful tea has 24 vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that balance well with a strong dose of natural caffeine to deliver powerful energy without the crash.